From September 12th 2016, any new employees you hire must register their new employment with Revenue through a new online service called Jobs and Pension Service, accessible through myAccount.

What should my new employees do?
Your new employees must:

1) Go to
1) Click on myAccount Sign in and have the following details ready: PPS Number, date of birth, mobile number, email address and home address. Follow the steps on the screen.
2) Revenue will post the password to their home address
3) Once the password is received, they must log onto myAccount and access the Jobs and Pension Service. Information needed to register a job with the Jobs and Pension Service: new employer’s tax registration number, start date of the new job, frequency of payment (weekly or monthly), if in receipt of blind pension, survivors pension (non-contributory) or carer’s income, they will need to state the weekly amount received. Depending on the individual’s circumstances, more information might be asked.
Employees can register a new employment in advance of the start date. Please be aware the process of registration with myAccount can be long due to the fact that opening myAccount requires the use of a password that Revenue sends via post (not email, in a lot of cases), so new employees need to wait for the password to arrive by post before they can access myAccount and the Jobs and Pension Service.
Agents cannot currently access the Jobs and Pensions service.

Who should use this service?
This new service should be used by employees commencing their first job in Ireland, employees starting a second employment in addition to their main employment, employees who are changing jobs (and their previous job has ceased according to Revenue records) or individuals who start to receive a private pension.

What information should I, as an employer, provide to my new employees to enable them to register?
Employers should provide the following details to employees to enable them to register the new employment:

• Employer registration number
• Start date of new employment
• Pay frequency

You, as the employer, should still contact us with the following information in order to set up your new employee in our payroll:

• Employee’s date of birth
• Employee’s address
• Email address
• Please attach clear copy of new employee’s P45. If there is no P45, please let us know if it is on the way or if this is the employee’s first job in Ireland.
• What is the frequency of the payroll? monthly or weekly?
• Salary/hourly rate
• Number of hours worked per week/month
• Please confirm the employee has agreed to receive their payslips via email
• In case of a foreign name, please let us know if the employee is a male or female

Also, remember that all new employees you hire must receive a written statement of terms and conditions within two months of commencing employment. They are also entitled to Public Holidays, though part timers must have worked at least 40 hours in total in the previous 5 weeks before the Public Holiday.


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