Jones & Associates, Chartered Accountants will provide you with the highest financial reporting standards, going beyond the figures to understand your business, review your tax liability, offer you a new perspective on your business and ensure your financial statements are compliant with the Revenue and the Registrar of Companies regulations.

Our full suite of accountancy services includes:

  • For self-employed individuals, we will assist in the compilation of your year-end financial statements, which will form the basis of your personal tax returns.
  • For limited companies, we will assist in the compilation of your statutory financial statements, annual company returns for filing with the Registrar of Companies and corporation tax returns for filing with the Revenue Commissioners.
  • Prior to finalising your financial statements, we will meet with you to discuss them and we will ensure that you fully understand them.
  • If you are planning to purchase an accounting software package, we will advise you to ensure that the software meets your present and future financial reporting needs. We will show you how to configure the software to ensure an optimal setup for your business.

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